All Natural Sisal Dry Brushes


Dry brushing is an amazing, energizing skin-care habit that can help plump and exfoliate your skin, as well as boost circulation and aid with lymphatic drainage. Our dry brushes are handcrafted in Michoacán, Mexico from pure, natural sisal (fibers from the Mexican agave plant) and locally-sourced wood. 

Use to exfoliate lightly and sweep away dead cells. Our large brush is suitable for use on the body, while the small brush is intended for the face. Use on clean and dry skin, and then liberally apply moisturizer or serum. 

  • All-natural, biodegradable sisal fibers, and locally-sourced wood.
  • Handcrafted in Michoacán, Mexico.
  • Facial Dry Brush: 2" x 2"
  • Body Dry Brush: 4" x 3" (palm-sized)
  • Use on clean and dry skin. Brush using firm, small strokes, or a circular motion. Shower or rinse your skin after to remove dead skin cells. Finish with moisturizer or a serum.
  • 5% of proceeds donated to a mangrove restoration project in Baja, Mexico.