Mezcal Lover Gift Box - Black


Know someone with a penchant for great mezcal or tequila? We curated the perfect gift set just for them. It includes a pair of mezcalero mini porcelain cups, a handpainted ceramic tray for garnishments & accouterments, a vial of artisanal sal de gusano (also known as worm salt), and a small handpainted ceramic bowl for holding the salts or other small flavor-enhancing snacks. Add your favorite bottle of mezcal or tequila (not included). The gift set comes styled in a premium magnet-closure gift box finished with a ribbon and a hot wax seal.

Product Details

Our Mezcalero Mini Cups. Small clay cups with a matte white finish dipped in a shiny glaze. Sized for sipping mezcal, tequila, or your favorite spirits (also appropriately sized for espresso).

A vial of Flor de Sal con Gusano de Maguey by SAL DE AQUI. Artisanal salts to enhance agave tasting experience. Sprinkle on fruits, vegetables, and cheeses or apply to the rim of a cocktail vessel. 50 grams.

Talavera-style Ceramic Tray. Handpainted in Guajanuato by a family-owned business. A beautiful serving tray to hold the mezcal cups, tasting salts, fruit slices, etc. 

Talavera-style Small Ceramic Bowl. Handpainted in Guajanuato by a family-owned business. A beautiful serving bowl for tasting salts or other small snacks including nuts, olives, etc.

The Artesanal Magnet-Closure Gift Box. Premium gift box that can be reused for other purposes. Finished with a ribbon and hot-wax seal. 

Box Size: 8 x 8 x 3 inches