We are committed to leaving a lighter footprint, and our products and collaborations reflect this. All products are handmade using natural and locally-sourced materials such as clay, cotton, and leather. No industrial processes, harsh chemicals or synthetic materials (such as plastic). Every item is carefully crafted to withstand the test of time. 

In addition, we always use recycled and, when possible, compostable materials for shipping and packaging. 


We are proud to announce a new initiative for 2020. We are now donating 5% of all proceeds to a mangrove restoration project in Baja, Mexico. Mangroves are among the world's greatest carbon sequestering ecosystems, and have been shown to sequester up to four times more carbon than rainforests (on a pound to pound basis). Furthermore, mangroves provide many additional benefits. They act as nurseries for fish and other marine life; are natural storm barriers and reduce flooding / erosion; and they help to filter pollutants and trap excess sediment before it reaches the ocean. 

WILDCOAST (a non-profit operating throughout Mexico and the United States) has launched an ambitious and innovative project to restore and protect mangroves in the Laguna San Ignacio, a remote part of the beautiful Baja peninsula. The laguna (lagoon) is a UNESCO world heritage site and critical habitat for gray whale birthing and mating. Importantly, WILDCOAST will incorporate women from the surrounding local community to assist in the work to restore the mangrove ecosystem functions. This collaboration will help to provide critical economic resources that will go to improve household and community well-being. Learn more about this effort.