Mexico has a vibrant history of incredible artisanship. Techniques and traditions passed through generations utilize local materials to create intricate and one-of-a-kind goods. From basket weavers in the Sierra Gorda mountains to the handlooms of Oaxaca, from teak wood of the Yucatan to the ceramics of Puebla, regional treasures abound.  

Unfortunately, over the past decades modern technology and globalization have brought cheaply-made goods which have greatly endangered Mexico's craftspeople and their artisanal wares. Despite the skills required by the artisans to create these pieces of true art, they are often marginalized by unethical middlemen, lack of access to global markets, and inability to compete with mass produced items. 


In an effort to protect these centuries old traditions, we collaborate directly with artisans to create products with a contemporary aesthetic fused with traditional technique and materials. Our direct collaboration ensures that artisans are fairly compensated for their work, which is oftentimes their sole source of income. We strive to provide these artisans with the stability of a steady income, and an outlet to share their work with consumers throughout the world.  

The result is a celebration of Mexico's rich and colorful craft culture combined with contemporary design elements for the modern home.